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Dirty Alex 2019

Who are we?

Be yourself; Everyone else is already taken.

— Oscar Wilde.

This is our first real post so might as well give you a quick idea of who we are.

Blend 4 parts Jazz musicians, 3 measures overproof Hiphop emcees and 1 shot of soul. That’s Dirty Alex. A Cardiff based hip-hop/Jazz collective hugely inspired by Guru’s 1993 album ‘Jazzmatazz’.

Forming early 2016, We released our debut EP Roadblock later that year. Adam Walton played a few of the tracks on his BBC Wales show; comparing the track ‘Unjust’ to the likes of Gill Scott Heron. We then released our 2nd studio project DA in June 2019, with the track In my head immediately being picked up by BBC Radio Wales. Working alongside musicians from Cardiff band Slowly Rolling Camera, this new EP lends itself to a cleaner, more refined jazz sound with more acutely political lyrics from the vocalists. Both EP’s are available on all digital platforms including spotify, Bandcamp and Apple music.

We’ve been building a steady following live and online by playing supporting slots in Cardiff and Bristol for artists such as Lazy Habits, Children of Zeus, Chali 2na & Krafty Kutz and The Mouse Outfit. We’ve also played several festivals including Truefest, Hub Fest, Big Love & Boomtown Fair ch10&11 . We’re the type of band that’ll improvise a track live on stage about a random conversation we had a few hours earlier. Our 2018 single/video release Jaffa Cakes Go Hard! was seeded by one of those moments.

Jaffa Cakes Go Hard! by Dirty Alex

Our interests are varied but musical influences include A Tribe Called Quest, The Roots, Miles Davis, Herbie Hancock and other Jazz, Funk and Fusion artists.

“ A Huge Range of influences on that, mentioning Gil-Scott Heron, A tribe Called quest and the likes of Miles Davis – its just wonderfully rich stuff with great arrangement as well” – Adam walton BBC radio Wales

For Bookings contact Tumi: tumi@bombardaagency.com

Verbs and Kash get Dirty @ Tramshed, Cardiff.

Saturday night we had the great pleasure of supporting the UK Hip Hop veterans Verb T and King Kashmere at the Tramshed in Cardiff.

Also on the agenda was Cardiff’s main lady of Hip Hop, Unity (Ladies of Rage) and DJ Mansfield Green who bound the night together with his visually arresting AV sets before and after performances.

Now if you’ve ever been to Tramshed, you might remember the big stage on the ground floor with the bar at the back of the room. We weren’t there though.

We were actually in a smaller area upstairs, with a window overlooking the entrance courtyard. It had its own bar, the sound filled the room nicely, overall it was a good space, for what turned to to be a f*@king amazing and intimate gig.

We knew the night was gonna be sick as soon as King Kashmere and Verb T started spitting for the soundcheck. Shouts to the sound guy (Lee) who done a great job making sure the levels were spot on all night.

First up was Unity, accompanied by Cardiff’s awesome uprising of female musical talent known as Ladies of Rage (LOR). Unity is a highly visible and dedicated performer and maybe one of the most versatile. Her stage presence was great and it was dope to see so many of the LOR hitting the stage.

We were up next. The vibe was immense! Everyone in the place was live, and the size of the space meant the crowd were fully immersed in what we were throwing out. I mean literally, we had Jaffa Cakes flying all over the place! We’ll be posting a video up here soon. Big shout out to Joe Roberts for coming through to video our set.

Whether you know him by the name King Kashmere, the Iguanaman or one of his other aliases, you know what you’re getting when he blesses a stage. Kashmere’s subject matter descends into the ears like the sonic boom of an alien spaceship entering Earth’s atmosphere. If you heard his music, you probably understand what I mean. It’s like he’s rhyming from a dimension where Sci-fi and fantasy routinely have lyrical sex on top of killer beats. He was joined on stage by the heavy DJ Jazz T.

Verb T finished off the night, taking old school and new school heads on a trip through some of the many bangers he’s worked on. It’s always a treat to listen to his reflections on life synched up perfectly on beats that you could just kick back and chill to, or otherwise get some pronounced head nodding on. His set raised the roof, topping off a damn good night.

Respect to all the heads that were in attendance. Was good to see some familiar faces and other artists in the room. To name a few…Junior Disprol (Dead Residents), Alkemy, Bespoken (The Hold Up), Mudmowth (Associated Minds), Blaktrix, Cesto (Squid Ninjaz), Saykridd, Femi, Cara (Baby Queens), and others that I probably missed (Sorry).

Finally, big up Tumi of Starving Artists for putting on a cracking night. Until the next time.

2020 Vision

Here we are, a new year and a brand spanking new blog for you to get a little more familiar with us.

So you know, everything we say here is our own thoughts and opinions and will be subject to change. If you agree or disagree with anything, please do let us know. We wanna hear your thoughts too!

We got a wide range of beliefs and interests among us, so you might be reading about gigs and music one minute, movies, current events or even politics the next. Before you say anything, yes we are interested in shit that goes on in the real world. Including the state of our country. We all have different views though so stay tuned and hopefully you’ll build a bit of an idea of who we are and who in the band thinks on YOUR wavelength.

Anyway, that’s enough for now. Check back every now and again to see what we’re up to or follow us on Facebook, twitter, instagram, youtube for other updates.

Peace, love, hip-hop and jazz.

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