2020 Vision

Here we are, a new year and a brand spanking new blog for you to get a little more familiar with us.

So you know, everything we say here is our own thoughts and opinions and will be subject to change. If you agree or disagree with anything, please do let us know. We wanna hear your thoughts too!

We got a wide range of beliefs and interests among us, so you might be reading about gigs and music one minute, movies, current events or even politics the next. Before you say anything, yes we are interested in shit that goes on in the real world. Including the state of our country. We all have different views though so stay tuned and hopefully you’ll build a bit of an idea of who we are and who in the band thinks on YOUR wavelength.

Anyway, that’s enough for now. Check back every now and again to see what we’re up to or follow us on Facebook, twitter, instagram, youtube for other updates.

Peace, love, hip-hop and jazz.

#opinions #Cardiff #Life #newblog #zerotohero

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